Some tips in XP

Disable Autoplay for CDs and DVDs

Getting tired of seeing the autoplay for CDs and DVDs?? Disable it now.

There are two ways of doing this. The first way is to disable a particular kind of CDs and DVDs. The second / desired way of disabling autorun has to be done everytime you pop in a CD/DVD.

Batch Disabling – Go to my computer, right click on your CD drive. The second tab would be autoplay. Click on it. Select take no action on the kind of CD/DVD that you may be using. This is a good way of disabling if you don’t want a particular kind of CDs to play. For ex. if you don’t want your DVDs to play immediately, you could disable it as a whole here.

Desired Method – When you pop in a CD/DVD, just hold your shift button for 5 to 10 seconds and the CD/DVD will not autoplay. Shift acts as a shortcut for disabling autorun. Great shortcut to use when you don’t want to be annoyed by the autoplay feature.

On Screen Keyboard
Windows has its version of on screen keyboard which could be replaced for your typical keyboard. Here is a screenshot.

On Screen Keyboard

To run the On Screen Keyboard, click on start -> Run -> Type in “osk” -> Hit Enter

Changing Visuals

You can change the way your windows looks by disabling / enabling the animations and other shadow effects. In all reality, if all the visual details are turned, your computer is set to run 12.5% faster than what it does right now. So, its a trade-off between looks and speed. Which one would you choose?

This is the way you get visual options. Right Click on My Computer -> Click on properties -> Advanced Tab -> Settings. Here you could uncheck / check as much as you want and the items are self explanatory.

Error Reporting

It is painful to see one of my programs just freeze on me and on top of that the annoying error reporting dialog box just makes my day worse. Don’t want to see error reports again??

Turn error reporting this way :

Right Click on My Computer -> click on Properties -> Advanced Tab -> Error Reporting

Hit disable error reporting to disable it.


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