How to become a HACKER??

What Are The Basics Needed To Become A Hacker

Everyone has heard of one individual or another that was caught while hacking computers that belonged to this or that organization. Because hacking into computers is highly illegal, it should be mentioned that this article will not mention any real specifics about the subject, and this author would rather gladly encourage you to become a real hacker – professionally.

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The Free Download Manager

Looking for a free and an easy to use download manager??

Here it is.. It is the Free Download Manager.

It is easy to use and is free and no limited trial periods. It can be easily integrated in the browsers and increases your normal browsing speed. It also occupies less memory.

Download and start using it. Download the setup file below.

How to Hack inside a computer in LAN

This technique will be taking advantage of Port 139. Most of the time,Port 139 will be opened in the computer. First of all, we will do a port scanning at the target computer which is having IP….

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Download a SOFTWARE package containing- Speccy, Defragler, CCleaner & Recuva

This software package contains the following:

Read the description carefully so you can understand the way to use it.


Want to  get the  rundown  on every    aspect of  your  system  hardware? Speccy gives so much detailed, technical information about hardware, it could choke even the mind of a hard-core techie.

Run Speccy, and its summary screen gives the basics, including your CPU type and specs, motherboard information, graphics care data, hard drive information, and information about your optical drives and audio. When I say “basics,” though, I mean basics according to this program, which means more detail than most other programs give. For example, it shows you the temperature of your CPU and hard drive.


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Hacking with emissary keylogger

The below method can be used to hack any account.
-Features of Emissary Keylogger:
  • Can mail all the Keystrokes including login details
  • Can send screenshots of the victim’s Screen
  • Can Block VirusScanning Websites on victim’s computer
  • Can Disable TaskManager on victim’s PC
  • Can Disable Regedit on victim’s PC

How to use this keylogger to hack

Hacking Gmail accounts with a software

This is only for educational purposes.


This is the Simplest way of hacking gmail password. However this may not work for some people because most  antivirus softwares easily recognizes this ‘Gmail Hacker software’. This trick involves creating a special .exe file and sending it to the Victim. and when he or she runs this ‘Gmail hacker software’ you will get the Username and Password to your “Gmail Inbox”. This Trick requires you to have ‘Microsoft’s .net Framework‘, if you dont have please download and install it.

-Follow the Step by Step Tutorials below to hack Gmail Account Password:

PDF 2 WORD converter download

The PDF to WORD converter

Convert PDF documents to word documents and make changes.

Download the software from the below link.


Download U-Torrent latest version

U-Torrent Version 3.0



Download U-Torrent Setup

Download OPERA 10 FREE ! ! !